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Emotional Health Screenings



AGES 4-21


It is important to regularly check on your child’s emotional health. A child who does not feel well emotionally can become physically sick and physical illness can affect emotional health. In any event, it is more difficult for a child, who does not feel well, to be interested in going to school or succeeding in school. When emotional health concerns are dealt with early we can help young people get the most out of their education and lead happy, productive lives.

Good emotional health leads to:

Good Relationships
Good Decisions
Ability to deal with life’s challenges
Interest in school
Improved physical health

Emotional Health Issue can affect:

School Performance
Physical Health
Personal Relationships
Actions toward others

Completing an emotional health screening is a simple effective way to look at a child’s emotional development. To participate in the screening, complete a consent form and emotional health screening found here. Completed forms can be sent to Family Services of Chemung County, 1019 East Water St., Elmira, NY, 14901, ATTN: Marilyn Cristofaro

For additional information contact: Marilyn Cristofaro, Community Mental Health Program Coordinator, at Family Services of Chemung County, 607-733-5696.



Click here to download the Emotional Health Screening packet, which includes a cover letter of explanation, a screening form and a consent form.


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