Power Restored

EHCSD Schools experienced a short power outage today during the afternoon.  Power was quickly back on thanks to our generators at each building.  This outage, due to a rolling brown-out, did impact systems for a few moments, but we were completely up and running a few minutes after the initial dimming of lights.

There was little to know significant disruption to classes at either building. 

After inspection of our systems, and back-up systems, we are confident all worked as it is designed to do.  Generators kicked in after mere moments, and then cycled off after the power was restored in-full.  The entire situation was resolved in about 15 minutes, and we only had a few moments of lights dimming as a result.

We actively maintain and test these systems, but we do not often experience them in a live event.  It was a good test of those systems today.  They all performed as designed.