TAE Two hour delay schedule when announced

TAE Two Hour Delay Schedule 

Teacher arrival: 9:55

Student arrival 10:00AM/district bus drop off

3rd 10:05-10:29 (AM BOCES students may arrive at 11:40)

4th 10:30-10:54

5A 10:56-11:18

5B 11:20-11:42

6A 11:44-12:06

6B 12:08-12:30

7th 12:32-12:56

8th 12:57-1:21

9th 1:23-1:47

10th 1:48-2:12 (PM BOCES excused from period 10)

1st 2:14-2:38

2nd 2:39-3:04

*AM BOCES Programs cancelled on Two Hour delay Days

*PM BOCES Programs attend as normal

*AM BOCES Students may leave after 10th period if no 1st period class

*Students with Late Arrival/Early Release are expected to attend ALL their classes in the adjusted Two Hour Delay period schedule.